Getting to Know Local SEO

Know Local SEO

Once we begin to delve into the online marketing of our “brick and mortar” business, we quickly begin to realize the importance of proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. We learn how important keyword and meta tags are to raising our inline rankings, which drives traffic to our website and leads to conversions and financial reward. But the primary objective should always be to target your key audience demographic.

What is Local SEO?

The bottom line for effective SEO management is to make money. If you are only interested in attracting local customers, rather than perhaps clients in Egypt and the Middle East, then you should optimize your web presence to achieve these goals. Local SEO works much the same way as “regular” SEO techniques with some slight variations.

Localized SEO Keywords

The basic rules still apply, except now you will want to place geographical keyword and phrases into your content. Rather than using the keyword “hardware store”, you would opt for “Dallas hardware store” or “hardware store on Main Street”. This decreases your online competition for that keyword and instantly boosts your page ranking. It can be difficult to determine the best words to implement, but many Professional Local SEO Experts are always available at a small fee.

Address and Phone Number

You would be surprised by how many websites fail to include these basic criteria. In order for successful Localized SEO to work properly, Google and the other search engines have to know where you are located. It is not enough to simply say “Dallas, Texas”.

By providing your actual address, the search engine results will be partially based on the exact location of your business in relation to the travel distance from the online searcher. By demonstrating a closer proximity to the online web surfer, your likelihood will increase of that potential consumer visiting your store.

Professional Services

The more that your business if dependent upon acquiring local customers, you may want to consider hiring a Local SEO Expert to help. There are many other criteria that are involved with optimizing your website for the local market.

Effective use of imagery that depicts your business in a positive light, listing your business in numerous local online directories, effective use of social media, and the inclusion of mapping features that illustrate to the consumer your precise location within the city are some other considerations of Localized SEO practices. For optimum results in a highly competitive local market, these Local SEO Experts can often lead your business to the next level more quickly and cost effectively.