Backlink History Checker & more

You may want to visit when it comes to monitoring your backlinks. It is by far the most thorough backlink tool. That combined with the fact that they provide an extensive backlink history as well makes it quite useful to track SEO performance.

When you load Majestic, you just need to type in the domain and then select from “Fresh” or “Historical” index. Fresh will show the last 30 days while historical will show everything Majestic has ever found about the domain. The most useful detail in either index is the backlink line graph. After you enter the domain, the next page that loads will have a graph in the bottom left titled “backlinks discover (non-cumulative view)”. If you click that, there will be a “View Mode” drop-down box (defaulted to “Monthly”). Changing that to Cumulative gives a better picture.

You may wonder why this doesn’t show in other backlink checkers? The answer is simply that MajesticSEO is VERY thorough in their scouring. They only exist to check backlinks, and they do a great job of it. In my experience, it is the best metric to see results as soon as possible, many times even before results are indexed in Google and directly affecting rankings 🙂

A backlink you created on a website a week ago can show indexed already for multiple reasons:

  1. If the revisit time span for robots for all new pages on that website is set to daily or weekly, spiders/crawlers may grab the new page (backlink) in no time. Many websites don’t have this set in their meta tags and get visited once Google & Co do their monthly sweeps.
  2. If your site automatically pings and meta submits all new pages or blogs, pages get indexed almost immediately.