Understand SEO (Part 6) Blog Carnival

Blog Carnival

This works much like an article submission directory, only it is specifically designed to enhance the performance of your blog and to gain valuable traffic.  The process begins by the submitting of your site to an assortment of “carnivals” that are offered on www.blogcarnival.com.  Other blog owners of these carnivals will then review the content on your blog periodically and perhaps feature your postings on their blogs as well.

You, in turn, gain a valuable backlink to your original company blog, gain increased visibility and enhance your online reputation as an expert in your field.  Many different types of carnivals are offered, but in order to maintain a positive standing in this community, your blog should only be submitted to other relevant blogs of the same or related topic.  The number of carnivals that you are allowed to solicit is also a limiting factor.  Experienced Professional Blog Carnival Service Providers will manage this system, even creating new content on a regular basis.