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80% of the solution to a good ranking in Google search results is right in front of you: YOUR website. Please forget back link building for a minute. It all starts on your very own site. It must be optimized to even have a chance of being ranked properly on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Without this essential part done right, you can shell out 1000’s of Dollars on SEO services (Articles, Press Releases, Social Bookmarks etc) and still go nowhere (ranking-wise). Start with an On-Site Audit! Call me at 310-846-8283 for a preliminary chat or hire my right away at

Martin SEO ProfileMy name is Martin Eggeling. Within the last  8+ years I learned (often the hard way) what it takes to rank a website in today’s highly competitive (& highly sensitive) internet playing field. I CAN PROVE IT.

Eight years back I decided to use my then little SEO experience to launch a truly professional SEO company. I started building up TopOffice by launching a full scale, hundred percent natural, totally white hat campaign for the three websites of the TopOffice Consulting Group. It took me 6 long months to get them ranked high on Google.

 Get Help Today – Rank Tomorrow? No!

The good news is that you are one click closer to an effective search engine optimization strategy for your company’s website. As a freelance SEO Consulting Professional, I will provide custom-made Search Engine Optimization Services that will rank your website close to the top of the search results. It will take a few months though before you see measurable increases in rankings. There is no magic potion for “Page 1 on Google”. When you hear a SEO company offering guarantees … run!

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Nowadays, E-Commerce is a highly competitive venture that is growing at a very fast pace. Search Engines play a vital role in any business over the internet as the customers search for the required goods and services through keywords. If you don’t use an effective broad-based search engine strategy to keep your products and services ranked high in the search results, your potential clients and customers will never even know your site exists. Even though you may have a well designed, eye-catching and user friendly website selling really awesome products and services, the site may still lack the traffic it deserves.

Backlinking? – Pointless If Your Site Is Not Optimized!

So, it’s time to act fast and get some help! Both locally as well as globally, more and more consumers are using the internet to find the products and services they are looking for. Businesses, whether small or large, are making their prudent decision to use SEO Services for their company’s websites for improving their search rankings. Are YOU ready to get started?

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Your TopOffice SEO Consultant recommends the Blog of Matt Cutts to follow Google related Search Engine Developments.

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