SEO – The Basics

If you are new to website creation, you may need some help in determining how and where to find SEO techniques that work the best. There are any number of online forums, blogs and websites that are focused only on this one specific area of expertise. However, Google and the other search engines keep changing and updating their SEO protocols every so often (actually more than once per day!), making it difficult to establish which website “expert” to use and which one is outdated.

SEO is Always Changing

What to know about SEO is that it is ever changing. For instance, in years past, the effective use of strategically placed “keywords” within your website content seemed to rule the world of achieving high rankings results. Now, although still important, keywords are not as important as they once were. This means that a perfectly optimized website from 18 months ago may now be all but obsolete in its optimization protocol.

What is Important for SEO?

The Meta Tags are still one very important starting point where the search engine spiders begin to crawl through your website, determining its relevancy factors for searchers’ needs. Sitemaps are another area of the website that are considered highly critical as well. They not only help your consumers navigate your site, but help the search engines scroll through your content as well. All of this can be confusing as you try to figure out where to learn SEO because once you become skilled in one area, Google changes things up again.

There are backlinks to take into consideration and density of the website content itself.  If Google is having trouble scanning your site because it is tripping over itself with all the needless junk on your pages, you may never get to the first page of rankings.  These are some other reasons to hire a professional consultant.

Hire a SEO Professional

Rather than spending lots of valuable time keeping abreast of all of these constant changes, many companies are now hiring Offsite SEO Professionals to manage and optimize their websites. Corporations no longer have to worry about where to learn about SEO updates or what to know about SEO latest revisions. There are On-page SEO criteria and Off-Page SEO criteria.  Do you know the difference? Do you even care?

There are many paid courses that you can take online and even some local college classes as well, but rather than spend all of your company budget in training someone to become skilled at SEO which may or may not be changing again, why not spend those financial resources on an offsite provider whose only goal in life is to constantly be aware of the latest updates and is always on the forefront of what to know about SEO changing requirements?

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